Erik Goodge has a B.S. from the University of Evansville in Economics and Cognitive Science and a Minor in Philosophy. He is a United States Marine Corps veteran and owner and operator of uVest Advisory Group. uVest Advisory Group, LLC., a Registered Investment Advisor firm, was founded in February 2018 in Newburgh, Indiana. As the founder of uVest Advisory Group, LLC., Erik Goodge advises young professionals in financial management, strategic saving, and long-term investing. Aware of how the industry’s standard practices often exclude millennial clients, Goodge concentrates on setting up small business owners under 40 for success.

This year, Erik received his CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®) designation, which typically takes between 18 -24 months and requires passing a 6-hour exam. Goodge spent nearly 1000 hours preparing for the exam but has already seen the benefits of his hard work. CFP® certification not only elevates uVest’s perceived value, but it also expands its marketing reach. Now visible through national platforms, Goodge has noticed an uptick in client acquisitions; however, he speculates this growth could be a result of his new-found free time (now that he is no longer studying) which he spends strategically developing and promoting the business. In terms of daily operations, the global pandemic caused little disruption in investment management. As Goodge explains,

“It’s all about the stock market and fortunately that has remained steady.”

With job loss and business closures, several clients have utilized COVID relief programs to access their savings without repercussions as well as apply for PPP loans. uVest helps navigate these processes as their clients overcome this financial upheaval.

In addition to the surge in new clientele, Goodge has developed and launched (currently in beta test) his new Financial Coaching program dedicated to helping young professionals eliminate their debt, build emergency savings, and begin investing. This new venture concentrates on the connection between our mental and emotional state and our finances.

“Coaching is more about behavioral change, and working with people to recognize how their values can be better aligned with their finances.”

Designed for change and not convenience, the five-stage program diligently assesses impact on behavior as clients learn how to define, establish, and achieve real, tangible goals. Client progress and outcomes are measured using the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Financial Well-Being Scale.

“The program focuses on rebuilding clients’ confidence in money management. When they get derailed, it really knocks their confidence, which makes them wary of attempting new goals. The purpose is to rebuild that confidence, so they can progress.”

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